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The Board Members




Joining the Felder House as a board member in 2019, Mixxi Jones-Fair supports the organization with fundraising efforts. As a Retail Branch Manager with Woodforest National Bank, Mixxi works with local business owners to simplify the banking process while leading a team of professionals.

In addition to her P&L, strategy, and financial background, for well over 15 years Mixxi has worked to promote financial literacy within Baltimore City and surrounding Counties.

A Baltimore native Mixxi believes in Linda Felder and the Felder House mission to nurture children 'BACK TO THE BASIC LIFE SKILLS' with a taste of the arts. Her direct experience as a parent of a scholar who completed the Etiquettes and Sewing curriculum provides a unique testament to the quality of the program and the continuity of results. 

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Public Relations / Marketing

I feel privileged to recommend the Felder House. It has been an honor to participate and witness the growth of an inspirational organization that has been serving our Baltimore community for the past twenty-plus years. Linda Felder loves what she does and she continues to sustain that energy and enthusiasm. I started under the mentorship of the Felder House when I was 16 years old and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best times in my young life. From learning how to model and build confidence in the fashion world to event traveling - the Felder House has been an asset to my personal and professional growth. I was provided an opportunity to serve in a philanthropic capacity after being invited to be a Board member for the Felder House. That appointment allowed me to enhance my public relations and marketing background prior to graduating college. There is so much to say about the Felder House's incredible programs and I support their endeavors cause I know it works. I have witnessed the smiles on children's faces after training with their programs. They have given countless young people opportunities to express creativity for more than two decades now and to some it has been game-changing. I am confident that the Felder House will not disappoint in delivering great service to you or your child. If anything, I am sure that they will add value to your lives, like mine.


Head of Administrative

I became a board member of The Felder House because I watched Linda put so much into the nonprofit from day 1 with such zeal and sincere compassion for the children through fashion and etiquette that drove me to help out in any way that I can to serve our children in undeserved Communities all over because they need it. 



Financials / Tax Expert

I joined the board for several reasons number one I am an educator and I've been helping youth all my life number two this organization is a benefit for youngsters to get an Insight on entrepreneurship and leadership in This Growing Experience.

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